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It's a memetic worldview after all

Life is not meant to live in cooperation, it is meant to compete. This is no human doing, it is a very basic way of how life works and came to be. All life since its origin has come up competing and generating ways and forms to outcompete itself and its environment. Right from bacteria to humans it is a fight for survival, a struggle. There is no cooperation and kindness in absolute sense, it does not exist. Those who appear to cooperate are still selfish and indifferently come together to gain mutual advantage over a third more pressing threat, as long as it provides survival advantage. Bacteria competed and cooperated, and survived for billion years in unicellular form until the combination of environmental and competition circumstances lead to merger of bacteria in return benefits of symbiosis against other bacteria and lead to sprouting of rest of the cellular and multicellular life. It all happened in context of mindless selfishness which eventually through lineage of different progressions lead in one of them to humans as a solution to the same original goals of the bacteria. Humans and forms before them which came to form self feedback and able to observe and feel pleasure-suffering was all in order to communicate and coordinate within itself as a multicellular body and in groups for survival - a survival which is still selfish, and cooperative only on genetically selfish terms of advantage against a competition - other humans, other species, microorganisms, environment.

The universe is mindless and meaningless. It doesn't have any purpose or relevance. Life originated equally mindlessly as one of the results of its mindless processes. Right up to humans it is still the same mindless, meaningless and indifferent process. A process where matter gets sorted to reduce a disequilibrium. This whole path of what lead to humans called life is what happened from this process which we call natural selection and evolution. Process where entities are formed in numerous amounts and variations, out of which some that are relatively more compatible to their surroundings happen to persist and replicate/spread while others are indifferently dissolved by them or the environment.

This is the most basic thing that characterizes life, and its essentially mindlessness. It is what has driven and still driving everything in life process. This process when took the form of coordinated self analyzing multicellular life forms from bacteria it was still carrying the same mindless process of indifferent assortment, filtering and persistence. These life forms became self aware in context of completing this mindless process with a confined awareness necessary enough for preservation as a genetic system. These beings with this limited self centric perspective formed a worldview all upon this survival which lead ultimately to the human worldview. Life forms throughout this filtering process that got excluded were dissolved along with their experiences and worldviews.

This information, also called meme, is what survived and accumulated in those who survived to reproduce. Being group animals, humans and previous mammals survived by cooperating with others but only in context of a competition. Individuals who offered no survival advantage got indifferently dropped. This symbiotic cooperation and competition over generations of evolution became ingrained as automatic response/expression in the form of feelings/emotions from addictions/attachments. These being extension of the maternal bond which upon priming shift to group and mate bonds. The experiences of these selected individuals got accumulated and refined generation after generation and became the reality, though not being the reality of life, but only a reality that corresponded to successful experiences and outcomes of cooperation, competition and reproduction. This memetic worldview did not and obviously could not include the experiences of unsuccessful individuals and its contradicting extension to the memetic view of reality.

The accumulated memetic view led to idealization of this emotion/attachment driven mutual survival benefit based cooperation and formation of beliefs in all the positive attributed absolute qualities of life- equality, kindness, fairness, trust, faith, morality, well being, happiness, goodness, attribution, intentionality, free will, intelligence, beauty, creativity and so on, whereas competition became manifested in comparatively obfuscated forms as pride, self esteem, duty, etc. In each generation at the beginning the new population is taught/complimented this model to base/rationalize reality with. Being the same mindless basic process of assortment and selection, not all of the population go on to experience the selection fate. The selection fate happens in context of the exclusion fate, and to varying degrees across a population. Individuals who experience selection, their taught memetic model of reality of positive absolutes survives/further accumulates the rationalization of social observations/interactions and life events, and remains valid. But for those who happen to become the other end of the selection, the memes and the worldview progressively get contradicted and invalidated. These excluded individuals then in process of rationalization modify the meme model to include their exclusion experiences and form a worldview more encompassing having both outcomes of selection in their model but result in fundamental contradiction with the memetic worldview.

This more inclusive view progressively reveals the same mindlessness and meaninglessness in human behavior that life started with. It brings out the superficiality of emotion based self with circumstantial dependence of and contradictions in feelings, emotions and attachments, on the assumptions of absolute existence of which the memetic model is based. It leads to modification in the model of a human self at a very fundamental level with shift in level of abstraction from the contradictory subjective to a more consistent objective level. It is close to impossible for this worldview to be realized by the selected individuals having the memetic worldview as their basic model does not include the observations of the non memetic side and it is impossible to have it communicated through language since language only works through references of models, new models cannot be transmitted through language due to closure of developmental window but only formed through first person experiences of invalidation of previous ones. This is a limitation of any form of communication, as communication works based on agreed common references to call and correctly emulate the communicated experiences.

This fundamental disagreement leads to an outright dismissal of the worldview and apparent negativity communicated of excluded individuals to the selected individuals. It is a basic difference of model which simply cannot be communicated but gained only through first person invalidation of memes and models taught during initial years of development. Any worldview model encompassing the competition and its other side of consequences communicated by the excluded population is inevitably misunderstood as the references do not call the similar model in selected population as these are simply absent in them. As a result the interpretation through reference of memetic incomplete model leads to partial and incorrect understanding of the experiences and worldview communicated.

The misunderstanding is at such a basic level that it results in selected individuals questioning the validity and soundness of the non memetic worldview and its implications. The instances of these are abundant in psychiatric and psychotherapy professions where excluded individuals of society are dealt with and their model is attempted to be invalidated and reverted to the memetic one. In accordance with the situation of exclusion, it works on individuals whose model is still in progress of modification and not complete and conclusive on reality, but those for whom it is complete, these attempts of invalidation and reverse modification do not work.

Reaching a threshold of invalidations, the memetic model is completely contradicted. Realizing the complete picture, those with completed worldview lose validity of the memetic model based positive absolutes of life and are able to see the underlying competition, predisposal and indifference involved unfiltered complete picture of reality. The neutralization of absolute truths in emotions/attachments leads to dissolution of fear of separation and inturn weakened fear of death. Consequently losing any drive to persist, these individuals are taken aback by the competition/natural selection and its futility/indifference, and incline towards ending life over competition as the resolution to suffering that drives all life.

This being in severe conflict to the incomplete memetic worldview model, lead the selected individuals inevitably dismissing these as abnormalities and malfunctions. To the extent that the various contradicting behavior characteristics of the excluded individuals and their non memetic worldview have been labeled as depression and mental disorders and classified as a medical condition correctable through chemical and verbal treatment. These treatments offer nothing but attempt to put to question and self doubt the very validity of non memetic perspective to the excluded individual. This as expected does not help the person as it only undermines their experience, discomfort and validity. The response of selected individuals for excluded individuals is baffling and distressing as it repeatedly nothing but dismisses the non memetic side and blindly attempts to push the individual back into the now pointless/indifferent and more visible competition/selection. The excluded individuals in this process attempting to extend the selected individual's worldview through language in order to explain their perspective are dismissed as unsound, misperceiving, generalizing, hypocritical, denying, conspicuous, avoidant etc.

This is inevitable as selected individuals are unexposed to contradiction and invalidation and therefore unskeptical of their limited memetic worldview as it is impossible to question ones own model since it is the very basis of perspective. Selected individuals with incomplete model are able to do nothing but automatically omit or misinterpret the true consequences/implications and indifference/indispensability of competition/natural selection and have views as good for all and abnormality and correctability in worldview of suicidal or anti life individual.

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